Megan’s Abs

Megan’s Abs

Megan’s has some nice abs.  They might be a six pack.  With that perfect tan and belly ring they look great.  Take a close look at this picture.  If you look at her reflection in the mirror top left you get a good glimpse of her amazing butt.  Sorry Megan not trying to get too graphic just a fan enjoying the view.  Thanks for sharing.

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Megan Avalon Bicep

Megan Avalon Bicep

Here is Megan showing off her amazing biceps flexing those guns.  The best thing about Megan Avalon is that she still looks sexy and feminine while showing off some serious muscle. It could be her beautiful California blonde looks and athletic body.  Or maybe it’s her smile.  Anyway hopefully there will be lots more of her to come.

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Megan Avalon Topless

megan avalon topless

Well almost topless in this picture.  Is it a wardrobe malfunction? I think she just wants to make the most sexy pictures ever in the history of fitness modeling.  So how about some stats on Megan. 

Height – 5’6

Bra size – Dcup

Weight – 133 pounds

Measurements – 36-26-36

Location – California

Biceps – 13.5 inches

Thighs – 24 inches

Calves – 16 inches

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Megan Avalon Nude

megan avalon nude

This is my favorite picture of Megan Avalon nude. Her amazing perky boobs rock and her tiny little nipples just poke off them.  In her red high heels her thighs never looks more sexy and her long flowing blonde hair make this a perfect picture.

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Busty Muscular Girl

busty muscular girl

I think the reason I love Megan Avalon so much is that she has the features of the three things I find most attractive.  She is blonde, muscular and busty.  For me there is nothing short of perfect when you talk about Megan.

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Megan Avalon Fitness Model

megan fitness model

Looks at this body.  Megan Avalon seriously has one of the best bodies I have ever seen.  Athletic but not too muscular and her golden tan and long blonde hair really highlight her beauty.  And those abs are out of control.

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Bikini Gym

Bikini Gym

Megan Avalon at the gym in a bikini.  Not just any bikini but a sexy tiny black bikini with Pokka dots.  Showing off her amazing body and teasing us as if she is going to do a nude workout.  The question is what size dumbells does she use to work those arms?

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Megan Workout

megan workout

Megan Avalon doing what she does best.  Working out in the gym with some dumbbells.  She knows how to keep her body in peak shape.  If you need a personal trainer my suggestion is that you hire her to help you get in shape. She knows what she is doing.

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Megan Avalon Arms

Megan Avalon Arms

I thought this would be a nice picture of Megan because it shows off her arms.  Muscular but yet so sexy.  Not that I’m forgetting about her cute face  and athletic body.  Probably what I like best about her is her blonde hair perfect body and cute face.  Do I have to pick one feature? 

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Megan Avalon Stats


I’m a stats freak also. But the interesting thing about Megan is that she only weighs 130 pounds which isn’t much considering all the muscle she has. Standing 5 foot 6 that weight isn’t much different from most girls who are that height.  And her biceps are firm and petite measuring only 13.5 inches.  The big number is her thighs 24 inches.  Gotta love an athletic girl with strong legs and 16” calves. Almost forgot the boob size. Dcup.